Arnold Bakker

How do happy students become happy workers?

People who invest considerable effort in their study or work activities are generally more successful than those who are not engaged. Why do energetic and enthusiastic individuals achieve more than their more laid-back counterparts? In this presentation, Prof. Arnold Bakker discusses the fascinating processes underlying study and job performance. In addition, he reveals possible causes of happiness and work engagement, and outlines how study engagement can be transformed into work engagement through strengths use, job crafting, and playful work design.

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Arnold Bakker is Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and head of the Center of Excellence for Positive Organizational psychology. He is Adjunct professor at Lingnan university (Hong Kong), Distinguished visiting professor at the university of Johannesburg, and Extraordinary professor at North-West University (both in South Africa). Since 2014, Bakker has been included in Thomson-Reuters’ list of “The world’s most influential scientific minds.”


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